Black and Red Twinning

20 Oct

Latest shoot for my 2006 BMW Z4 and my 2018 Model 3 Tesla. Custom wrapped in black and red against the downtown LA skyline.

Shot with natural Dusk light against the setting sun in the horizon.

Color corrected warm with a cooler sky gradient

TFTI_LA studio shoot

28 Apr

I have been following TFTI_LA for a while and have always admired all the photos the group has collectively shared. They recently started organizing studio shoots so I signed up right away. It’s been a while since my last studio session so here are the results!

Model: ⁣ @darkrose_beauty ⁣⠀

Fun with flower Petals

Model: ⁣ @gumballthespacekitten⁣⠀ ⁣⠀

Leather Kitty

Alamat – a Filipino mythology inspired shoot

10 Oct

This is an inspiration page for a collaborative shoot featuring characters from Filipino Mythology.



Tree demon, Kapre

Kapre is a filthy giant who likes to smoke huge rolls of cigars, and hide within, and atop large trees, particularly the balete and old acacia or mango trees. A Filipino bigfoot, it scares away little children who play at night. If one is stuck in a place and keeps going around in circles, one is said to be played around with by a kapre. To escape its control, one must remove his/her shirt/clothing, and wear it inside-out.

Model : Muscular, bulky, Hairy or Skinny, hairy older male. Balding or long hair, possibly dreads. Facial and body hair preferred. Shooting with smoke so either tolerate smoke or be a smoker.



Multo, the Tagalog word for ghost, comes from the Spanish word muerto, which means “dead”. Superstitious Filipinos believe that some kind of multo, often a spirit of their former kin, regularly visits them.

Model: Pale skinny famale, long Hair. Traditionally portrayed with a sheer dress/gown


Tamawo or tamao are mythogical creatures believed to be handsome having very fair to white skin with fangs and claws of gold. It is believed to be clad in gold and wears putong and bahag like the nobles of pre-colonial Visayas.


Male with feminine features, petite or athletic/muscular. Long Hair, no facial or body hair.



tiyanak_by_marcelinokoy-d6s45qtTiyanak are babies who died before receiving baptism rites. After death, they go to a place known as Limbo, a chamber of Hell which unbaptized dead people fall into, and are transformed into evil spirits. These phantasms return into the mortal realm in the form of goblins to eat living victims. The tiyanak can also be the offspring of a woman and a demon. It can also be an aborted fetus which comes back to take revenge on its mother. Most Tiyanaks are said to live in forests. If they see a human, they transform into what looks like a normal baby. When the person notices the Tiyanak and comes near to take a look at it, the Tiyanak changes back to its true form and eats its prey. And since they often seen coming out of trees it may also refer to Tboli legends, Tibolis are known for hanging their infants in trees who died after birth.

Model: Bald, no facial or body hair. Stocky to heavyset build


45814762ec41d5b9226fa1f4d39d0acfSirena is a mermaid, a sea creature with a human upper body and a fish tail instead of lower extremities. beautiful but vicious they were called Magindara and were guardians of the waters of “asin-palan(Pangasinan)” guarding it from the tattooed raiders from the Visayas. In Pre-colonial Philippines, it is believed that in the full moon or in the Dayaw or Kadayawan, one of the embodiment of the moon who is Bulan descended from the heavens to swim with the mermaids and that the mermaids protected the boy moon from sea monsters. They attract fishermen and lure them to their deaths but sometimes they fall in love. Sirena are reportedly often seen ashore by fishermen, especially in the towns bordering the Pacific Ocean.

Model: petite female, colored or multicolored hair, colored eyes – this character is generally very colorful to match her colorful fish tail


Halimaw sa Banga

maxresdefaultThe monster in a jar is actually folklore that is a basis of a Philippine ethnic dance. It is basically a spirit that haunts an earthern jar.

A large jar, or banga, is excavated from an ancient cave. An attractive woman art collector purchases the banga unaware that it’s a conduit for the spirit world. Years earlier a witch was hunted down and crucified by superstitious villagers, and the witch’s unquiet spirit now seeks revenge. The banga provides an ideal vessel for that vengeance, and the spirit takes to reaching out of the banga with its clawed hands and yanking people into its depths.

Model: petite performance artist, Great dance shots around a large earthern jar.

This post is under construction and updates. Lore is extracted from


A life less ordinary

11 Feb

I have been on a long photography hiatus but I will try to get back on track to fill my weekends with new memories and photography related material.

Here’s a preview of my last creative shoot to start.


Model: Hollywood Hawk

Tokyo Ghoul inspired shoot with a two light setup

I’m honoured to say that my image is in the running to win Smoke Trails Photo Contest at ViewBug. Please take a moment to help me out by rocking the vote.


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Castle Shoot Preview

15 Jul


Model: Sheri Wan
Hair/Makeup: Carina Tafulu
Wardrobe:  Tina Summers

Penthouse Shoot – Preview

24 Jun


Sneak Preview of the Stylistic photography group penthouse shoot @ Pac Electric Lofts


Happy birthday Alex Skywalker

22 May


It’s my good buddy Alexs birthday, Co founder of

Posing and expression guide

6 Apr

Shot making faces is a project on human expression. Most people interpret the project as making funny faces at me. In reality, this is a great opportunity to practice the whole range of human emotion you are capable of projecting. The shoot can be as fun or as serious as you would like it to be.  There is a lot of room for creativity and I will actually be using this project as a test shoot to find subjects with exceptional chemistry with my shooting style.

To show my sincere interest in this photo series, I have put together brief reading material  related to the  session to give us creative direction. Please note the images in this post are free usage and not my own, I hold no copyright over them.
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Breathe Deep Super Stevie

5 Mar

Model: Steve Angeles

Thanks to my good buddy Steve for this very moody chill shot

Mark Davis

10 Feb

Mark Davis.jpg
Model: Mark Davis