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2011 Project Emoticon

31 Dec

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Haas 2010 Tenant Xmas

29 Dec

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Tenants can email me for Full resolution copies of their photos.


Basic Three Point Lighting

28 Dec

Three Point Lighting

Strobist info:

  • Basic Three point lighting. Key, Hair, and Fill

Self Portraits

16 Dec

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One of my new strobes stopped firing so im doing it old school with one strobe and a reflector


Kobe 2010 Xmas

13 Dec

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Happy holidays from Kobe, a one year one blue pitt pup

Cameo Shoot

10 Dec

[smugmug url=”″ title=”Cameo%20Dooley” description=”Studio%20Shoot%20with%20Cameo” imagecount=”100″ start=”1″ num=”6″ thumbsize=”Th” link=”smugmug” captions=”false” sort=”false” window=”false” smugmug=”true” size=”M”]
Lots of fun working with cameo. We started off the shoot with her hair up but she eventually let it down. Great personality and projection, I look forward to a more planned shoot with her.

Dona Bona

2 Dec

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Passed by the Japanese Gardens and decided to take some photos.

Awesome location!