A short introduction

7 Apr
  • I am incredibly vain. I may act like I don’t care what other people think, and yes… my fashion sense might be a bit one sided… but rest assured I do check the mirror on my way out
  • I am not not a racer, and I don’t know everything about cars. My car looks fast but it really isnt. I can do an oil change and a few other cosmetic upgrades. That’s about it
  • I am not rich. nor will i pretend to be. I am pretty well off for somoone with an unfinished bachelor’s degree. I don’t mind spending on food and entertainment, and am pretty generous if I am not on a tight budget.
  • I am educated, I may not hold a piece of paper that says I spent 5 years in college but I’m smarter than your average joe.
  • I am not religious, I am spiritual. I try to do the general good. Doesn’t mean I’ll question your faith. We all need something to believe in.
  • I try to avoid drama. Doesnt mean I don’t have any. We all have issues.
  • I have secrets. Don’t expect anyone to not have any. They’re not necessarily good or bad. Don’t ask don’t tell.
  • I am hard to understand. Don’t even try. I tend to do things out of character.
  • I can get along with almost anyone. It doesn’t mean I’ll put up with everyone.
  • I’m quality entertainment. What you choose to believe or disbelieve is totally up to you. I would much rather have  you form your own opinion about me.
  • I am extremely playful. Mischievous if you must. Diabolic, conniving, sneaky. I’m  a big kid who knows when to grow up. I’ve lived a life less ordinary. You’ll be surprised at how much sense I make when i need to.
  • I’m a hater. I people watch a lot. I don’t do it out of spite, It’s just good clean fun.
  • My attention is easily gained, easily lost. Short attention span… good luck.
  • I’m game for almost anything. I’ll give most things half a chance and do it again if it turns out well.
  • I am transparent. Oftentimes, what you see is what you get. I am not easily offended .I will not sugar coat what I have to say and I will not always say what you want to hear. It’s just me being me.
  • I try to keep things real.
  • I do not feel the need to affirm or deny how people see me. I am confident with who and how I am . If you think it’s questionable ur more than welcome to make what you want of it.
  • I am a pacifist. As much as possible, I avoid violence. But sometimes wars are fought so you can enjoy peace. Just don’t provoke me into the dark side.. I have one and you won’t like it.
  • Besides the superficial, I am attracted to two types of women. The artistic/intellectual/creative types, and the ones that have a dirty mind. Go figure.
  • I welcome your feedback, constructive criticism, violent reactions, flames, questions, donations, advise, evil thoughts, corrections, death threats, payments in sexual favors, pictures, referrals, links, job offers, fond wishes, wet dreams, fantasies, and anything else in between. It goes in one way and out the other anyway. 😀
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